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Helicopter Tape

This transparent tape is used on helicopters to protect the front edge of the blade against damage from foreign parts.
The tape is robust as it can withstand relative speeds of more than 700 km/h at the tips of the rotor blades.

In motorsport there are plenty of applications possible.
In professional motorsport (e.g. Formula 1) the tape is used to protect wiring from rubbing through the isolation because of vibrations.

Helicopter Tape can be used to protect:

  • Paint against small gravel particles
  • Paint against ultraviolet light (Sun light)
  • Bike fuel reservoirs paint against the zipper of the riders protective clothing
  • and a lot more possible applications

Helicopter tape is extremely tough, made from Polyurethan and adapts well to curved surfaces.
To apply it you can used a hair dryer to warm it up (max. to 120˚C). This tape sticks brilliantly to all kind of different surfaces, if they have been properly cleaned and degreased.
It is 0.35 mm thick and 4 inch wide.

The tape can be painted over.

                                                                                                List price:

Including VAT:              20 € / m



  • Polyurethan


  • 4’’ (101 mm)