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Intercom Accessories

12 Volt Intercom Adaptor

Convert your WRC and Trophy intercom from 9 Volt battery power to run off your cars 12 volt supply. There will be no need to fit batteries ever again.

List Price: 56 € (including VAT)


A headset is being used to drive comfortable without helmet in your car and still using the advantages of the intercom system. It is used for practice sessions in a Rally car.

List Price: 145 € (including VAT) For Trophy Intercom
List Price: 197 € (including VAT) For WRC Intercom


Intercom Mobile Phone Kit

You can connect your mobile with a telephone adaptor to your ST30 intercom.

This allows you to use your mobile phone with the intercom system. Please ask for available connection kits.

List Price: 59 - 118 € (including VAT)