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St 30 Professional Intercom


This is the top of the range Stilo intercoms and it is the ultimate system. Although it is just a small unit it has fitted inside two independent intercoms which run in tandem offering fulltime communication. It is the only intercom available on the market to offer this feature. If for any reason the communication fails just switch over to the redundant intercom for almost uninterrupted use. The ST 30 intercom has different volume settings to allow the crew to choose the best option for their cars noise i.e. group N or WRC and individual preference. The volume controls for driver and co driver is independent from each other. In addition the system has a road and stage mode, road mode allows the radio and a telephone to be heard through the headset or helmet.

This intercom is manufactured with the best military specification connections available. The telephone connection cable is an extra and is available for various mobile phone models.

List Price: 915 €(including VAT), power supply& Camera/radio wiring 217 €, driver/Codriver wiring 114 €