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HANS® is a revolutionary safety device for the racing car driver and co-driver. It reduces the load to the head and neck significantly in the case of an accident.

HANS® is the ONLY safety device which is approved for the use in Formula 1, World Rally Car, GP2, and plenty of other international, national and regional Motorsport Associations. In professional motorsport HANS® is mandatory.
Invest in your safety too,- as all the professionals do!

Nearly all Stilo Helmets can be equipped with HANS® - System clips.
Alternatively Stilo developed a system to be connected to the HANS ® device:

            Stilo Exclusive Anchorage System

The patented Stilo SEA System is lighter as the HANS® Clips, because the straps go straight through the helmet. This offers easier head movement as well.

The SEA System can be used with all currently homologated HANS® devices.

The SEA System and the SEA straps are homologated by the FiA: FIA 8858-2002.

If you order your helmet with the SEA – Option the helmet will be delivered with SEA straps.

List Prices (including VAT):
10° Medium : 949 €
20° Sport M,L : 519 €
20° Racing : 699 €
20° Hi-Tec S, M, L : 949 €
25° Hi-Tec S : 949 €
30° Hi-Tec M, L : 949 €

Stilo SEA System

HANS ® - System Clips

Link to PDF for instruction on how to connect the Stilo SEA with your HANS ® Device.